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About US

ACMAD is the Weather and Climate Centre with African continental competence. It was created in 1987 by the Conference of Ministers of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO). ACMAD has been operational in Niamey since 1992. ACMAD is composed of 53 Member States, the 53 countries of "Africa" continent. To ensure its mission, ACMAD functions primarily with meteorologists detached by its Members States.

ACMAD’s mission is the provision of weather and climate information and for the promotion of sustainable development of Africa (notably within the context of national strategies for poverty eradication), in the fields of agriculture, water resources, health, public safety and renewable energy.
ACMAD carries out its mission through; capacity-building for the 53 National Meteorological Services (NMSs) of its Member States, in weather prediction, climate monitoring (extreme events…), transfer of technology (telecommunications, computing and rural communication) and in research.
Moreover, ACMAD encourages the NMSs to prepare strategic development plans which integrate new African initiatives (NEPAD, regional integration) and the socio-economic conditions related to the changing global environment (post Rio Conventions, Kyoto Protocol).
To achieve its objectives, ACMAD:
  • prepares and disseminates products and services;
  • Ensures development and transfer of tools and technology to NMHSs;
  • monitors communications with users notably in rural communities;
  • networks with NMHSs and regional development aid institutions;
  • provides a window to technology partners, under conditions which are typical of the African situation;
  • supplements Member States’ and partners contributions through a Resource Mobilisation policy;
  • is a «nursery» for sustainable development of Africa;
  • for ACMAD, climate and the environment are resources for development;
The Centre is managed by a Board of governors composed of 12 Member States and a General Directorate assisted by a Scientific Advisory Committee, SACOM, created in 1996. It defines the scientific and technical orientation of the Centre.
ACMAD is run by a limited staff complement of 12 persons (experts and support personnel included). The staff establishment may reach 30 persons according to the of personnel on attachment from National Meteorological Services and those on On-the-Job training programmes.
Resources and partenership
In the execution of its action programmes, ACMAD operates in synergy and in a network with its focal points, the National Meteorological Services of 53 African states and various partners amongst whom are:
France - United States - United Kingdom - Spain Germany - Canada - China, Australia
- Tthe sub-regional economic groupings
- partner institutions:
- International institutions
METEO-France - IRD - MEDIAS - France - UKMO - INM - Espagne - NOAA - IRI CIMMS - EUMETSAT - CEPMMT - PNUD - PNUE - WorldSpace